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Marking our 25th anniversary this year, Jotus continues the legacy as a professional model wholesaler and retailer based in Hong Kong, selling models all over the world through tailor-made commission products and OEM/ ODM items. Products branded under our qb-art and Resin Specialists are reputable and will continue to strive to turn the reality into collectibles.


Jotus puts the spotlight on the wide range of high quality and collectable models including buses, cars, ferries, trams, trains, figures, etc. With our customers spread worldwide with various backgrounds, we strive to continuously extend our business across the globe diversely, endeavouring excellence, fulfilling model dreams and achieving our future goal with the backup of our customer base.

In addtion, Jotus is renowned for our skills in the production of OEM products high in quality, precision and fidelity. With our collaboration with worldwide companies and organisations including Alexander Dennis Limited, Optare, Arriva, Stagecoach, London Transport, Citybus, London Bus Museum, Transitgraphics, Community Transit, Hamleys, …etc. Our production is widely appreciated and beyond doubt. As we approach our 25th anniversary for Jotus, we remain open for orders on OEM production to allow model collection dreams to come true.


Jotus holds firm in the belief of having "the Worldwide authority on kids, families and enthusiasm". Hence, we are passionate in fostering a pleasant and delightful shopping atmosphere to customers with the broad selection of products priced to offer best value for money to enhance customers' experience with Jotus.


Throughout these 25 years, Jotus live by the idea that businesses are built one guest at a time. To cater to the needs of all customers, we are committed to making each and every guest happy.

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